Wondegondigo is a personal blog consisting of my opinions.  Any product reviews are based only on my own experiences.  It does not guarantee similar performance.  I offer my opinions solely based on my experience as a consumer and have no relevant industry or professional experience.

There are no affiliated/paid links on this blog.  Any links you see are for the reader's convenience.  

From time to time I receive PR/Marketing samples and may choose to accept them for consideration only, with no guaranteed reviews. Reviews will not be available for edits / approvals prior to publication.  All PR/Marketing samples will be clearly noted as such within the body of the review and as a separate disclosure on the bottom of those posts.

I accept products that are in line with my personal tastes and products I would be interested in using.  

How can you be sure my opinions are not influenced by freebies?  My goal is to be honest, illustrate my opinions with photos and pepper in each post with Belly humor.  However it would be impossible to fully guarantee that I am immune to the influence of good/bad interactions with companies as I think that is human nature.  You may doubt I am human, and more a snow-woman, but I have real opinions!  What is this, a disclosure or a philosophy essay?!

Any questions?  You can direct your query to me, Bellyhead.   wondegondigo@gmail.com