Welcome. You've Landed in the Pit of Makeup Consumption.

Hello!  Welcome to Wondegondigo!  I appreciate your time in wandering through the vast interwebz and landing here.

Now that you are here, you have questions.  I have questions.  I don't think we will answer many of those but I can tell you this:  I have collected too much makeup product in its glorious and luxurious mass.  I am hypothesizing that I can control this level of insane consumption by putting my craziness out there.  And in presenting my collection with some level of thoughtfulness may perhaps spur me to enjoy what I own and not buy more things.

This is my personal journey (err, navel gazing as it were) to understand my consumer tendencies and to show you some interesting things.  Maybe I will also show you the black pit of my heart wherein lies a deep longing for endless consumption.  Maybe.  Let's get to know each other first.  Take it slow, shall we?

Suqqu Face Brush