Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

This is a pretty good foundation.  Pretty darn good.  The only complaint I've read frequently about this formula is that it is chock full o'alcohol.  I guess the thought of slathering alcohol on your skin doesn't sound too bright.  Good thing is, my skin is not all that bright.  Actually, it's considered dull and rather delicately referred to as combination.  By combination, I would mean to have a nose and forehead the likes of which crude oil may be drilled for.  I require a rigorous balancing act to control the oilies and tenderly moisturize the dry bits.

This foundation is an incredibly light gel based emulsion that requires strenuous arm exercise to ensure the components are not separated into this:

YUCK.  Even more "yuck" is the TP in the background, along with a bottle of Comet.  I have class.

So shake it, shake it, shake it well.  And then shake it some more.

Once shaken with vigor, you get a blob of gel-like liquid.  The container is hygienic.  So luxuriously plastic.  What?  You don't like expensive plastic containers?  It has a small spout with which to easily dispense the product.    Start with a small amount and blend well.  Fingers are great applicators for this foundation!  You can layer for some additional coverage, but you will not get more than medium coverage with this, and on the light side of medium.

The finish is very refined but natural.  Looks like my skin, just even toned and smooth.  It's nice on my oily bits and nice on the dry flaky bits.  In the summer time, this is my very favorite foundation.  I do find that as you layer, the finish becomes more dull.  So I prefer a light layer and more concealing to maintain a more skin-like finish.

Here is the problem.  Do your eyes deceive you?  Are you seeing in triplicate?

I dusted my windowsill for you.  It was full of Big-City grime and dirt. 
No, I own three bottles of Vitalumiere Aqua.  With my propensity to oxidize foundation, I had a hard time figuring out my color match, and kept on going lighter and lighter.  In reality, B30 when it is first applied looks the closest to my skin tone during most times of the year.  B40 is great when I am super tan.  However, I find that this foundation does oxidize on me and sometimes B20 actually works for me.

Here are swatches of B20, B30 and B40, respectively.  (ooh, my skin on my forearm looks positively neon yellow compared to the swatches.)  Upon close study of my face in bright sunlight, the B range is too cool and pink of me.  B20 seems like the best match as I settle into cold weather palies, but I wish I had access to the BO (Beige Ocre) which is distinctively more yellow.

Shockingly bad matches, if I am being honest.  On my face, looks better.  I think.  But only in dim lighting.

See, B20 Blended (L) looks okay and my skin is lighter on my arm.

If this were the end of my foundation journey, I think I might be considered bordering sane, but of course, the sad fact is that I have many more.  Oh dear, I'm lifting the curtain and you are now peeking into the crazy.

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