Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Drama RD501

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Three, that's the magic number, yes, it is.
Notice something?  The number 3?  I seem to want to buy multiples of a promising product without really knowing it and then committing to it.  I see the anticipation building among beauty bloggers and bulletin boards and all control seems to fade away.

I don't even really get Shiseido all that much.  Dick Page, the artistic director, is artistic.  I lack the sensibility to really get his sensibility.  I like Excel spreadsheets, and Visio documents.  I don't get non-traditional color combinations and plays with texture.  It frustrates me, too; I am a beauty philistine!  Wah!

Do you know Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world?  I keep on thinking it's my mom's kind of brand, but it's been recently releasing some beautiful products.  I suspect  Dick Page is artistic.

Pretty Camellia flower shape.  You can see my giant head reflected in it!

However, I do like a straightforward red.  As far as straightforward goes, Shiseido's Lacquer Rouge beautifully fits the bill.

Drama in direct natural light

Drama in indirect natural light, looking cooler
Woah, pigmented.  The finish is not glossy at all, but more of a soft shine.  A second coat is not necessary since it is intensely creamy, but light.  It spreads really easily and the applicator is nice in helping to create a sharp lip line.

The first time I wore this and kept vanity checking my hot lips in the mirror (hello, pretty lady!) I noticed that I had some unsightly feathering at the edges.  To prevent that, do not glop it on.  I had gone nuts with a really thick second coat.  Yeah, don't do that.

I put on a nude lip liner softly at the edges and applied two very thin layers for a perfectly polished look.  A reverse liner (a clear lipliner) also works to contain the pretty.

Drama lasts a long time.  Sing it, sister.  What I mean is that it is comfortable to wear and lasts a long time for me.  With no balm underneath, the color lost some of the sheen, but lasted a good 4-5 hours for me wearing away evenly.  And I am a fiddly, lipstick eating, coffee drinking woman, so that's acceptable for me.

Fine silver glitter?!
Another note about the lasting prowess.  After it fades, it does leave a pretty pink stain, but there is a fine silver glitter left behind!  What is this ghost glitter?!  I do not notice this on the swatches or on my lips, but after a good scrub with Bioderma, this is what is left behind.

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