Suqqu Face Brush

How does the overwhelming desire to consume build to a frenzied crescendo?  One must buy one of the most luxurious brushes IN DA WORLD.  (That is what a broken mind and spineless consumer spine thinks.  That's me, spineless)

If you are not already acquainted with the beautiful and talented Lisa Eldridge, I say you watch these videos.  Something about the soothing voice puts me in a hypnotic state and the brain, the brain is consumed to consume.   Endorsed by the lovely Lisa Eldridge?  Check.  An impossible to buy brand from Japan?  Check?  The hairs of the soft underbelly of a small rat-like animal?  Check.

Well, then.  My brain quickly descends into a maelstrom of posh accents, rodents with big fluffy tails, and a traffic filled intersection in Ginza in Tokyo.  Since I was in luck and in Tokyo and in Ginza with a Suqqu counter nearby (Mitsokoshi), I purchased these brushes along with eye shadow brushes M & F.

I'm the property of
No NYC squirrels were harmed in making these brushes
Ooh.  Aah.

Look, I polished the shiny shiny shiny handle for you.

(Let's get this out now.  I am no expert in makeup, skincare nor in brushes.  What I've learned is in no professional capacity.  I can only relate to you my personal experiences as a girly girl, loving girly expensive things.  So if that perspective appeals to you, either in kinship or as you might watch a train wreck, then stick around!)

There is a lot of blog and internet love for Suqqu, and there should be.  Its inaccessibility creates a lot of allure.  To be at the counter and to touch these brushes was a makeup high.  And to own and use them is a joy.  Suqqu brushes are manufactured by a Japanese company called Chikuhodo, which also manufactures for other brands as well as its own eponymous line.

Many washes and still perfectly tapered

The face brush handle is pretty short.  The hairs are lined up by hand to create this incredible taper.  It is soft in the way I imagine the downy underarm hair of a weeping angel would feel.  It is a total luxury to own, but this is how I really feel and here is what I would really say if someone wanted my honest opinion.

While luxurious in many ways, the long dense hairs of this face brush is too floppy to be totally useful for my purposes.

I use this mainly with loose powders to set my makeup but it's just not that good in doing that.  It really picks up a very airy and finely dusted amount of powder.  It seems to do a better job picking up powdered bronzer to really give a very natural look.  That floppiness though makes it tough to really pinpoint the bronzer to specific areas on the face, like the nose or the tops of cheeks.  Seems useful in brushing away loose powders after using a puff to apply powder.

Also useful to love and hold and pet and love some more (because congratulations.  You've spent a ton of money).  For goodness sake, cuddle it.

As far as I know, distribution of Suqqu is very limited. You can purchase on line through several sites, ichibankao and mihokoshop where prices are significantly marked up. Imomoko appears to only sell the limited edition cosmetics. If you are luckily residing in the UK, you can purchase at Selfridges. You can call Selfridges and order via telephone, but again, beware, the shipping charges are hefty. Selfridges on line does not ship internationally. If you find yourself in these locations, then I say you buy it in person! Or ask a friend in to purchase for you.

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