Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy

Here is another product in my rotation that I use to create some sculpted angles on my face.  I'd previously shown you the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, which is a beautiful, but higher maintenance product.  Today, I bring you Burberry Beauty Light Glow Blush in Earthy.

Not a huge Burberry check fan, but have to admit, the packaging is very Burberry chic
I am not only weak.  Advertise it to me, I will buy it.  Show me something shiny, I will covet it.  Make it easy, I will LOVE it!  Earthy is a part of Burberry Beauty's offering of blushes, but this particular shade makes for a very accessible contour product.

Emblematic check within!

Before swatches, thought you might like another close up of the brush.  It is not useless!  I sometimes use this to apply and blend.

Numerous reviews abound on the exceptional smoothness and feel of Burberry's powder products.  It feels creamy.  Pigmentation is not strong in this particular shade, which I suppose for something I use to contour a very good thing.  Swatches in natural light below:

In direct natural light - looking warmish
In indirect natural light - looking cooler
In some lights the color appears to be a soft warm peachy nude.  In other lights and angle, it is a cool nude.  Also apparently in sunlight is a slight luminosity.  It doesn't seem totally matte to me, but there is a depth of color given by a very slight sheen.  Don't worry though, nothing unnaturally chunky or shimmery about it.

It swipes on easily below the cheek bones for a very subtle, but flattering contour.  It doesn't look like you're trying too hard (literally).   Even at the crack of dawn, in dim lighting, when I wouldn't try another contour product, this I can tackle with confidence.

Do you do the contour?  Do you do it in the morning?  Do you do it like you mean it?

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