Chanel Ombre Contraste in Notorious

This is the third and final product that I use to contour my face.  I also use the

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate in intensity one and also use Burberry's blush in Earthy.  This Chanel item is part of the Contraste Essentiels collection and Notorious is a limited edition product.

It is considered a sculpting veil for face and eyes, meaning a versatile contouring product.  I saw this interesting item featured in Messy Wands and also in Glossed in Translation.  Both xiao and Elizabeth have cheeks naturally to die for and Notorious does an admirable job further enhancing those lovely beauties.

I'm not sure which is more fickle to use, the Ombre Contraste or the Shade & Illuminate.  Both require some expert blending.

First let me show you teh pretty.  The compact is exactly the same as Chanel's Joue Contraste blushes, except you get a bizarre grey.

You can see some fine shimmer running through the grey in the pan.  Color looks to be a cool grey run through with a slight purple.  Sounds like a big old bruise.

Here it is on the skin.
Washed out a bit by the sun.  Darker in real life.  Damn it.  Kate from Drivel about Frivol was right!  You CAN see shimmer on the skin!

In indirect natural .  Again, pearly texture definitely visible.

It doesn't take much to build to a scary dark grey stripe.

That's not a picture of me, but you can do this with Notorious
I found some success by being in a brightly lit area and I urge you to be really awake.  I use a soft brush to apply pigment and a dense fluffy brush to blend (Tom Ford cream foundation brush).  Also I started applying pigment at the ear end of the cheek (not the nose/lip end) and used the blending brush to bring pigment down but diffused.  Making a supermodel duck face when you are applying is also helpful.  (Try not to giggle too much)

Regarding that shimmer, I see it in the swatches above, but I really do not see it on my face.  Remember, if you don't like it as a contour product, it does make a great big giant eyeshadow!  And speaking of eye shadow, it really makes a great crease shade, and all over wash on the lids.

So do the words "limited edition" do anything to stir your frenzy?  Do challenging and weird makeup make you covet it some more?

If you are stirred and shaken, currently available at Chanel's site for those purchasing here in the US.
It appears to be completely sold out in the US from what I can see. 

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