Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad in 208

First, something that makes me crazy: having to purchase a case separately for my expensive enough already makeup.  *Foaming at the mouth and eyeballs popping out of my head*  You'll see that I didn't buy a case for my eyeshadow.  It comes in a heavy plastic casing that is actually good enough to store and transport in, but it certainly does take away from the luxury aspect of it.  Amazing how I can choose to be thrifty on such a stupid little thing!

Here is there eye shadow quad range along with the extortion, I mean palette.
from the Cle de Peau website

Pretty makeup.  Less than luxurious packaging:
Compared to the official product image, first two colors are more rosy toned and less gold. The gold overlay wipes off with your first use.
Here are a few shots in various natural lighting.

Click on picture to shee shome shimmer

I really like the play of the cooler tones as a counterpoint to the warmer neutrals on the left side of the palette.  These should be perfect daytime and work-friendly shades, right?  WRONG.  I'll wear over-the-top things into work, but even I am taken aback when I find glitter halfway down my face.  There is no actual pigment fall out when I apply the shades; somehow the glitter just migrates during the day.

This is not to say this is not a beautiful palette.  They colors have some awesomely smooth, light and buttery texture.   When I wear this palette, I like the overall eyes to look cool as it makes a great contrast to a warm red lipstick.  Note also there is a very faint snooty expensive makeup scent that emanates from this palette, if such things bother you in any way.

Have you tried any of the Cle de Peau eye shadow palettes or singles?  Were you impressed?

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