Depotting Nightmare - What I learned and Non-Tutorial

To inaugurate my new vanity set up, I wanted a way to streamline my makeup to be more visible and Bellyhead friendly.

I am terrible at remembering what I have.  I think about my makeup as lists of things, like an Excel list versus images of pretty colors and interesting textures.  It is really helpful for me to see what I have.  I feel I can attempt to make better use of what I have if I had easy access and can see what I have squirreled away.

Hence I depotted.  There are so many great tutorials available on how to depot.  Do yourself a favor and check them out and practice on inexpensive makeup you don't really mind destroying.  What I'm trying to say is, I present my results for entertainment purposes.  I had mixed results, mostly of the sad trombone kind.

(Please check out Bern's incredibly clear and helpful tutorial on depotting Rouge Bunny Rouge.)

I went to town on my Chanel singles which get almost no use despite being beautiful shades: Gris Exquise, Fauve and Beige Lamé.  I inquired on Makeupalley's makeup forum and asked about how to depot these and the helpful answer was that no heat needed!  (I'm scared of fire!)  The pan is held in an inner casing that is easily pried off the main compact with a sharp instrument.  The pan is held by metal pins that you pry the pan from.

Embolden by my success, I was dying to line up my collection of Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows like neat little soldiers.  One of the main constructs of depotting involves applying heat to the casing which soften up the glue that is securing the pan to the casing.  Enough heat softens the glue to pry the pan from the casing.

I've seen tutorials using flame sources (like candles) or heat source like flat iron.  Since I'm slightly afraid of melted plastic fumes commingling with scary fire, I opted to use the flat iron.

Look what happened.  Maybe the glue was industrial strength?  When I put an Exacto knife in the side of the pan to pry it out, POOF!

Obliterate the Gracious Arasari
Did I give up like a wuss?  Did I cry about it?  No I tweeted my lament and then carried on like a soldier, a soldier for makeup.  Look at all the dings!  *sob*

Unii Palettes (old and new style) with my mess
Is there a lesson to be learned?  Check the real experts before you go depotting your 'spensive goodies.

I'm still dying to depot my Rouge Bunny Rouge blushes, but I'm scared!

Any word of advice on depotting the blushes?

Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate - Intensity One