Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Les Fumes

While I really am enjoying Les Bois de Rose since rediscovering it in my pile o' stuff, my favorite in the Guerlain 4-color palette format is Les Fumes.  This palette shades turn into a beautiful neutral look and has enough textures among matte, satin and shimmer to really bring on the complexity.  Though the colors are not overtly showy, it is a showstopper.  Plus, it is all taupey goodness.  A luxury taupe lover would need to embrace this beauty.  Taking pictures on this beautiful sunny morning, I was again struck by how spectacular this palette is.

O hai again.
High praise, huh?!  Here, let me show you what I mean.

The pink mauve is a very pretty base color for the lids.  It is matte and not one lick chalky or patchy.  The silvery grey taupe has a slight mauve in it and it is spectacular.  Butter has nothing on this shade.  The bottom shade is a cool deep brown grey, and has a subtle sheen.  The lighter grey on the left side of the palette swatches similar in tone and color to the darker shade, but has a more pronounced (but still subtle!) shimmer in it.

Swatches in various lighting, clockwise from the center top pink mauve color:

Direct natural light
None of the colors are deeply pigmented, but does layer easily for desired intensity.

In indirect natural light.  This picture best shows the texture difference between the dark shades.  Light grey (the palette left side) has a subtle shimmer in it

I love how versatile this palette is.  All four shades coordinate into a lovely balanced eye.  Smoky, smoldering eyes are easy to do with the deeper shades as is a more daytime appropriate eye.  I love smearing the silver taupe ALL OVER THE WHOLE THING because I just love it so!  

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