Le Metier de Beaute Silk Road Kaleidoscope (Why I don't need Guerlain's Holiday Quad Turandot)

Are you a regular consumer of beauty blogs like I am?  I am a voracious reader of them and as the Holiday season approaches, it becomes hard to resist the siren call of all the beautiful looking collections featured on my daily reads.  I already have a weakness for certain brands and Guerlain's Ecrin 4 Couleur palette in Turandot is giving me the come hither look.  Certain things I value greatly and the appeal of the packaging; Guerlain's clear gold-toned palette is all curves and shine.  I also love warm toned colors and Turandot's unapologeticly warm golds, browns and mauve-toned plums are striking.  *record scratch*  Wait a minute, wait a minute!

From Guerlain's Website
Silk Road at Neiman Marcus

I own Silk Road which is one of Le Metier be Beaute's limited edition kaleidoscope which contains 4 shades in their unique looking palettes.  The color pans are in trays that stack on top of each other and swivel and the top part is a flip-open mirror.  It is impractically heavy and may require my delicate depotting hand at some later date.

Let's see...

Check one, warm gold:

Check two, warm rust:

Check three, warm plum:

Check brown, warm brown:

I'd say that the check two didn't pass, but close enough for me to not give into the pull of Turandot.  And while the Le Metier de Beaute Silk Road is beautiful, it is a bit too dramatic to wear often.  However, if you have an inkling to be a Holiday contrarian, Neiman Marcus still appears to have this old kaleidoscope in stock.

Some swatches in natural light for you to see the stunning colors on skin.  These are swatches in kaleidoscope order, not Turandot order (plum, gold, rust, brown)

By the way, these were all finger swatches, so these are incredibly pigmented.  They are smooth though the dark brown is slightly patchier in the swatch, but very easy to blend in real life.

Anyway, this isn't much of a dupe-a-thon.  It's more of my attempt to better understand what drives me to consume like there is no tomorrow.  Obviously, companies bring on the warm & golden palettes for the Holiday season; I just don't need to buy every single one of them, even if I really want to!  Wow, consumption safely avoided!

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