Losing My Shopping Equilibrium?

Is it me or is the barrage of special discount offers from retailers just completely dizzying?  I am a consumate consumer (clearly evident on this blog), but the array of constant offers of 20% off this, 25% off that, free shipping on orders over that is making all my tamped down wish list explode all over the internet.  Yes, I may have overindulged on both the turkey and the shopping.  I passed up buying staples (like a Shu Uemura cleansing oil that I've been using for years) so that I wouldn't be tempted to buy the Karl Lagerfeld Prestigious Bordeux palette at the same time.  And then ruined all my restraint by going nuts on Zuneta and Beautyhabit.

What is with all the Christmas music I am hearing on the radio prior to US Thanksgiving?  And what is with retailers opening up their stores on Thanksgiving?  I criticize on one hand, and then give myself lashings with the other.  I may not have stepped out of the house Thanksgiving evening to score a deal on a flat-screen television, but I was probably mulling over the various beauty deals that were made available.  Food coma also made it difficult to ponder getting into the car and driving anywhere, too.

Sorry I am such a downer.  Maybe a touch of the holiday blues and self-medicating with shopping is making me feel even worse. 

On a brighter note, thank you all for following and reading this blog.  I appreciate all of you for landing here and tolerating my deep thoughts.  We are over 1000 pageviews since I've started this blog and though a majority of you are web robots, I am pretty excited still!  ROBOTS ARE PEOPLE, TOO!  (What, you're not a fan of Battlestar Galactica?)

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