Rouge Bunny Rouge Color Burst Lipstick Raw Silence

Rouge Bunny Rouge makes some incredibly refined makeup.  Don't be fooled by all the whimsical packaging with the butterflies and the eccentric long names for eyeshadows.  Their products are high quality and many of their products are among my most frequently used and cherished.  Today I am featuring one of their lipstick shades, Raw Silence.  They offer two lipstick formulas, one sheer and one traditional.  Raw Silence is part of the line of Color Burst lipsticks.

click to recreate the Santa Ana! Rouge Bunny Rouge
Above picture is the incredible Santa Ana look that was recently featured by Rouge Bunny Rouge and I became oddly fixated with it.  For about 2 weeks straight I recreated this look over and over.  I mean why not?  If I became obsessed with a makeup look, it might as well be this classic look.  This look featured a couple of things I own, including Raw Silence which is described by RBR as a "creamy, satin-finish cool true red - Best Screen Siren Red."  In the above look, the lips were topped with a small amount of their mattifying primer to give a softly matte look.

Maybe it's because my own lips are so cool toned that I can carry off this cool-toned red because my general preference is for warm toned colors.  Raw Silence is flattering on me -- a perfect killer red.  Let's let the pictures do the talking.

Raw Silence in direct natural light
Raw Silence in indirect natural light
The RBR lipstick formula is superbly smooth with enough slip to glide on comfortably and not so much slip that it slides all over the place.  I really appreciate the vitamin E that is loaded in here because though I love pigmented shades, those deep pigmented colors dry my lips out terribly.  Not so with Raw Silence.  I found my lips to be smooth and moist all day long.

As I mentioned above, in the Santa Ana look, a mattifying primer is applied over the lipstick to give a softly glowing matte look.

Metamorphosis Primer

(R) Raw Silence solo; (L) Raw Silence topped with a layer of Metamorphosis Primer
Classic and superb.  What's your favorite killer red?

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