Rouge Bunny Rouge Feline Gaze Eye Kohl in Vera

I am a child of the 80's having some very impressionable years marked deeply by Madonaa, Wham! and blue eyeliner.  What can be more glamorous than to step out in your ripped up cropped sweatshirt, artfully hanging off your shoulder?  Of course you have leg warmers on!  And be adorned appropriately with one lace fingerless glove.  I'm pretty sure that the epitome of perfection is to be wearing a frosty blue eyeliner all around your eyes.  Who is more beautiful than a princess wearing a blue eyeliner?
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Then I got older, my tastes changed and everything classic and attractive to me was brown brown and then more brown with some black in it.  Even as I got more and more into makeup, I stayed fairly within the realm of easy beauty which again meant brown brown black brown.  But more recently, as I've matured, some of my older objects of affection have made a comeback (yes, including the 80's music!).

Here is something that brings all the glam of my favorite 80's with all the classic sophistication that I want for right now, Rouge Bunny Rouge's Feline Gaze Eye Kohl in Vera.  (Vera is among my well-enjoyed items.  See the rest here.)

It is a smoothly gliding formula that gives time to smudge before setting.  Once set, it does not smudge or fade.  I do always wear an eye primer so you may find that your performance and experience may vary.  You can wear this as a base upon which to build your eyeshadow or as a line close to your lashes.  I apply, smudge with a brush until I get a smoky line and then layer my eyeshadow over it.  I love how complex a neutral shadow looks over Vera as a base.

First here is Vera in all its solo loveliness. 

And Vera upon which I've layered another Rouge Bunny Rouge favorite, the darker side of the eye shadow duo from AMajor Fis Minor.  Complex, classic and still a tiny bit of 80's cool.

Are you a secret fan of the 80's, the tackiest decade ever?

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By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock