Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Portrait RD203 and Nymph RD305

I am a fan of the Shiseido's version of the liquid lipstick.  Here is the review I'd previously brought you of Drama.  Drama is the vibrant one of the three I own of these Lacquer Rouges.  I have the same positive thoughts for the formula of of Portrait and Nymph.  Same luminous and creamy formula and not crazy sticky like a lipgloss.

Portrait is a pale pink.  It is a very understated color.  Nymph is a deeper toned cool pink.  Beautiful color.  Portrait seems to meld with my lips and doesn't seem to have the same lasting power as the deeper colors.

I didn't try these out at the counter before purchasing them.  If I had tried them on my lips prior to buying, I would likely have passed on Portrait.  While a beautiful nude, my lips are a pigmented mauve and seems to suck the life out of this shade when I wear it.  It barely looks like I'm wearing anything on my lips.  Nymph is a stunning color, but too cool for my warm skin.

Here are swatches of the three I own.  You can see the soft glow of the colors.  Very pretty in natural light.

Drama, Portrait and Nymph
(L) Drama; (M) Portrait; (R) Nymph in direct natural light.  GAH!  Drama is gorgeous!

Same order as above in indirect natural light.  I'm batting a .333 on these.  Not too terrible, right?
This seems to be the more accurate color depth for Nymph.

Have you been intrigued by the various liquid lipsticks that have been launching?  Which ones are appealing to you?
I need to learn better not to be so undisciplined about my purchases.  I have some buyer's remorse about having purchased all three.

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