Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate - Intensity One

 There's some emphasis these days on a very defined and contoured look and here's one thing I've been using these days to various effect.

I must be the perfect sucker for all the Madison Avenue advertising executives that are plotting to part a fool from her money.  (Fool/Sucker, c'est moi)  When Tom Ford was newly launching about a year ago, it was first only available exclusively at Selfridges in the UK.  And then beautiful Lisa Eldridge featured a specific product in a video tutorial.  And then look at the sexy advertising image:

I was whipped into a frenzy for the Shade & Illuminate palette which features a dark contour color (shade) and a white-toned highlighter (illuminate).  I use intensity one; there is an intensity two offered in the line.  

Yeah, sorry all grungy.  Obviously well used.
The dark shade is a grey-toned brown without ruddiness and has a very smooth, silicon-y feel.  It goes on beautifully and blends well.  My big gripe is that by the end of the day, it completely fades on me.  Powdering on top is a must for me.  

The illuminator is not at all shimmery, just reflects light and seems very similar to RMS beauty's Living Luminizer product.  It gives a beautiful, but short-lived sheen.

Shade color (L) applied heavily; Shade color (R) blended  (pretend not to notice the hair or something in that swatch!)

Shade color (L) heavy; Shade color (C); Illuminate color (R)
It was impossible for me to swatch the illuminate color any heavier than what you see.  This is probably more than what you will need to highlight your face as well.

Tom Ford (L); RMS Living Luminizer (R).  Can you see it?  A wee white, sheeny stripe, and then another one.
I realize I am really lazy about adding extra steps into my beauty routine, especially in the mornings.  Tom Ford's Shade & Illuminate is pretty high maintenance by my standards with all the sucking in of the cheeks and artful application and blending.  

Do you have a regular contour product in your rotation?

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