By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock

Are we abundantly clear that my color description prowess is pants?  (thanks Willow92, for introducing me to a whole new world of lingo!  :) )  Okay, I didn't know what "pants" meant in slang until I asked a UK colleague, because more colloquial US lingo may be: for sh!t or crappy.  No one will believe now but, I was an English major in college and had all sorts of delusions of creative writing as a career.  Apparently, once you start thinking about making income enough to keep one rolling in instant ramen noodle packets and high-end mascara, creative writing is not much of a career.  More specifically it is not an income driver for those with horrible writing skills.

Why am I telling you this?  As you read this post, you may become angry at my rudimentary effort in describing Misty Rock, which I think deserves something more than I can give!  I want to give you more, but my powers are weak... so very weak.
By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock.  Handy color band to remind you what color you bought.  (ooh, I need some hand lotion)
Another relevant fact about me.  Before I commit to a brand, I usually buy one thing, then completely lose my mind and then buy all the things.  Misty Rock is one of the very few makeup things I bought from this brand.  I have not lost my mind completely about By Terry yet.  Part of the reason is because once I bought the fancy lip balm from By Terry and was disgruntled about how pricey a scented petroleum product can be and how insane I can must be to have glibly purchased it.  (Don't get mad at me, By Terry fans!)

These Ombre Blackstar twist up/down crayon eye shadows are neat, though.  They glide on to your skin smoothly with absolutely no drag whatsoever.  For a few minutes after applying, the product remains very pliable and easy to blend.  You can layer heavy or sheer away.  I usually use my fingers to blend since it's so easy to put on, but also works well when applied, blended and sheered out with a brush. It also makes a very nice base product upon which a powder shadow can be layered for additional complexity.  Once set, it becomes impossible to smudge and move.
In direct natural light

In indirect natural light
sheered out with fingers, and showing a preponderance of shimmer
The cream color has a duality to it: a base color that is a slightly warmed up purply mauve + a layer of fine cool silver toned shimmer.  Also... um...TAUPE!  This amalgamation of creamy and shimmery, of coolness and warmth is very pretty indeed.  In my personal opinion though, it doesn't look that good on my eyes.  I think it's because the shimmer effect is so cool and distinct that it clashes a fair amount with my skin.  It has a bruised skin effect on me which is a shame.  I correct for tone by layering on a warm sheer brown powder eye shadow when I use Misty Rock.

Have you tried these crayons or By Terry?  Are you a fan or are you also gnashing your teeth about that jar of lipbalm?

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