Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush in Wild Sunset

Do you have certain brand associations?  Would it be completely unfair if I immediately thought "old lady" when I thought of Estée Lauder makeup?  I remember my mom coming home during the holidays with one of those giant Estée Lauder sets with something like a dozen eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, mascara, 2 blushes, one nail polish.  Basically it was a whole comestic stash in a box.  This was during the 1980's, so I'm sure the eyeshadows were some frosty blue and green incarnations while the eyeliners were frosty blue.  When I got my first job out of college, I remember buying my mom a refillable Lucidity compact and that powdery smell is something I will always associate with maturity...matuuuuuurity.

A less vintage set than what Mom bought.  Source
Welcome back to the 21st century, Bellyhead and get with the program!

In the last few years, makeup artist Tom Pecheux has taken the reins as the creative director at the brand and has been shaking up the staid brand.  Of course, the stables of ever-favorites like Double Wear products remain, but new ones have been introduced including a reformulation of blushes.

Today I want to show you Estée Lauder's Pure Color Blush in Wild Sunset.  This range has a really vivid and pretty set of colors, but Wild Sunset really caught my eye.
Shiny compact!  Retro scrolly EL logo!

Clear lucite bottom; son of a b!tch to open

I had a really hard time getting the warm tones of this blush to come through on the pan shot, but it is a deep rose with overt coral tones.

It is a shimmer formulation, a minutely fine gold shimmer runs through the powder.  Don't be afraid!  There is no chunky Nars Orgasm-like glitter party.  In actuality, on the skin, the finish is very natural.  Here:

Warm finely fine fine shimmer

A final word about Wild Sunset:  it is pigmented.  I already told you I like pigmented blushes, but this is a very pigmented color and less creamy or smooth in feel than my favorite Burberry or Rouge Bunny Rouge formulas.  It has a slight tendency to go on patchy, but it is easily remedied.  Instead of using my Suqqu cheek blush, I use a fan brush to pick up pigment and with the lightest hand, I apply to my cheeks.  Or without a fan brush, I can always tap excess off into a tissue before applying to the cheeks.

Estée Lauder brings its A game with Wild Sunset.  Have you tried some of the newer releases from this line?  I'm happy to show you a very accessible brand that has been bringing out some incredible looking new releases. So get out there and swatch some pretties!

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