Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Compact

Guerlain produces beauty powders in its Meteorites line.  Generally, the powder is offered as tins of multicolored balls called perles.  They also offer limited edition versions of these perles.  Less frequently, they also offer limited edition compacts such as the new Wulong Holiday ones. Guerlain's limited edition perles are beautiful, but I never buy them because I have this.

Heavy.  Excellent Paper weight.  Potential homicide weapon

Officially, this would be the Voyage Compact.  Here is the the compact with the enamel design.  It is really heavy and when I tote it around, I carry it around in the velvet pouch that comes with it.  The weight of this compact has a direct correlation to the amount of money one must spend on it.  I saved about $30 USD by buying it on a flight, so if you really have your eyes on this compact, you might splurge by making an in-flight duty free purchase.
Inside you can see a pastel harmony of lavender, white, pink, light turquoise and pale gold.  What are these beauty powders?  They are meant to very softly enhance your skin.  After you've applied your base products (and this may include another setting powder), you apply the Meteorites on your face.  Do not expect any highlighting or shimmering effect.  You won't find that with this powder.

Apparently, it softly enhances your skin by warming up very fair skin, neutralizing red tones and brightening up with the gold and white, all the while bringing a lovely soft focus.  Apparently.  If it did all that, that would be one magical product.

I tried to swatch for you, but there wasn't anything to show you!  However, there is some very intangible beautifying quality when I apply it.  First is the heavenly scent, which is floral (maybe violet) and lingers lightly.  Then, my face seems smooth and brightened as well.  Is it in my head?

In any case, you can also purchase refills separately.  So is it worth it?  Who knows but it sure looks fancy when I whip it out to touch up my makeup.  Sometimes makeup is for the soul.  This invisible makeup is just for my soul... which is very pretty now and smells good, too.  (Are you also realizing that if I am buying invisible makeup for my soul, I have a major problem?)

Anything you have in your collection that you enjoy that defies logic and reason? 

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