Le Metier de Beaute On the Coast Kaleidoscope

*updated with a picture of Suqqu Kakitsubata.

This purchase is a classic case of "LIMITED EDITION!  MUST GRAB ONE NOW!" for me.

Le Metier de Beaute is known for producing very limited quantities of their eye shadow palettes, which are called kaleidoscopes.  These LE's are often exclusive to a specific counter.  That means, if the palette is particularly well-reviewed, or if there is some confluence of internet hysteria, they become incredibly hard to get.

Several months ago, LMdB produced a small set of kaleidoscopes to celebrate the launch of the Saks e-commerce with the brand, along with Short Hills and San Francisco counters.  Of the offerings, I was becoming wide-eyed and zombie-minded about the online exclusive of On the Coast.  On the Coast became available the night before the supposed on-line availability and date, and since I am on-line 24 hours a day I was able to order one.  The kaleidoscope became out of stock almost immediately after it became available.  So obviously, I wasn't the only one going insane about this palette.  In some way, it made me feel extremely self-satisfied that I was able to score one of something so coveted.

Many months later, I don't use this palette.  I find I can get a very similar effect by layering other products I own.  Not that I dislike this palette, since the quality and the layered dimensions of the shades are exquisite.  But worth all that money and hoopla?  Is anything worth that much hoopla?  I've recently purchased one of the older discontinued Suqqu eye shadow palettes, Kakitsubata which has a similar color story of neutrals with a deeper blue.  I think I would be more likely to stick to the Suqqu palette based on the kind of finish I am looking for.

Updated with picture of Suqqu Kakitsubata.
Kakitsubata definitely is not a dupe of On the Coast.  And as a matter of fact, it is expensive and difficult to get your hands on outside of UK, Japan and a few other cities!  However, I thought you might be curious to see what the palette looks like.

What limited edition products are you drawn to and what compels you to pull the trigger and succumb into buying it?

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