Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush in Orpheline

This is my everyday blush; probably 3-4 days a week I use this blush.  If I didn't make a conscientious effort to use other perfectly fine blushes in my pile, I would likely use this everyday.  This was one of my first purchases from the Rouge Bunny Rouge brand and I have to say, what a way to be introduced to it.

They have some of the plushest, creamiest powder formulations I have tried thus far in my makeup obsession.  Many die-hard fans of Rouge Bunny Rouge will own this blush and this may be a great initial foray for anyone considering making a purchase.

Orpheline is described as a "medium, warm strawberry with an illuminating radiance."  I probably can't do better than that in describing the color so let me show you some pictures instead!

I've loved this blush well.  The pretty floral pattern on the blush has been worn away with my frequent use.  Color is bright in the pan and can be applied with layers to bright intensity, but easily applied to produce a beautiful soft flush.  That illumination described by RBR is not any kind of a real chunky shimmer or frost.

It truly lights up my face.  Some days I need all the help I can get.

Has Orpheline caught your eye or are you already an owner of one?  How does this formulation compare with other high end blushes you've tried?

Bonus picture.  I own five of the six powder blushes made my Rouge Bunny Rouge.  They've been released from their compacts!  Here they are, looking all pretty.

Here is a link to all the swatches of these blushes!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

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