Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Lipstick in Murmurings

As I had mentioned in my post on Raw Silence, Rouge Bunny Rouge has a sheer formula of lipstick and I want to show you Murmurings.  Let's talk about the formula first, because I have a couple of shades in this sheer lipstick and I also plan to showing you those at some point.

The regular formula has a lovely moisturizing formula, and the sheer lipstick also is similary fantastic.  Everyone will have a different preference for the feel of their lipstick, but I tend to like ones with a good bit of slip.  I really like the easy way the bullet glides over the lip but still has a light feel when on as well.  Some lipsticks go way over the slippy end and into sloppy glide off your face-ness.  The finish of these lipsticks are also juicy and shiny, without the gloopy sticky feel of a lipgloss.  (As a general rule, I do not like lip glosses.)  However, as it the case with slippy formulas, this color will require several reapplication during the day as the lasting power is a wimpy 2 hours or so.
Equally lovely is the color!  Rouge Bunny Rouge describes is as "wet effect, sheer, cool-damson.  Like having just eaten a bowl of cherries."  They describe their colors very accurately in general so if you are browing their site for eyeshadows and such, the color descriptions are very good.  However, I don't know what a damson is. *furious googling commencing*  Oh, I learned something new on Google.  It is a type of plum with a vibrant blue-purple skin.
Image of Damson plums  Source
I'm thinking of a bowl of Dark-Sweet cherries like these to make a baby with the Damson plums:
You mash them up together and then you get Murmurings.

Here is a swatch of Murmurings and look at how it glistens in natural lighting.

Here's another wonderful thing about this formula and color.  You can easily swipe it lightly on your lips without a mirror while only half awake and still look fantastic.  It's an easy color to wear.

I have cool and pigmented lips, so I can get a pretty dark look with this lipstick as the sheerness allows your natural color to peep through.  If you also have pigmented lips, you would also get a pretty deep effect with Murmurings.

Oh yeah, before I forget, these lipsticks have a definite scent.  Seems kind of like a Christmas spice kind of scent which I personally don't mind.  Have you tried any Rouge Bunny Rouge products before?  Which ones do you love?

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