This Year in Wondegondigo

This is my year-end post for 2012.  Instead of just showing you my favorites for this year, I just wanted to say a little thanks for supporting this little blog and being faithful or occasional Google-lead readers.  Your comments, your interest and your follows have been gratifying and fun!  I hope to bring some more stuff to show you in the next year.  (I've added some pictures from my 2012, not very beauty related)
Cherry Blossoms at Changdukgoong (palace) in Seoul

My beauty year has been fun.  I've fallen for the some crazy pricey skincare from Amore Pacific.  I've tumbled into Rouge Bunny Rouge with abandon.  I lived in Asia and loved being exposed to the differences in cultural beauty preferences.  Discovered that previously disregarded brands like Shiseido and Estée Lauder have some beauties I covet.  I've found a new-found obsession in makeup brushes, too.  I continue my sad skulking over hard to buy Suqqu and other Japanese brands.
In Sokcho-si in South Korea.  On the beach, all covered up!  (not me in the picture)
I've also been thinking about the end--  the end of Wondegondigo.  I've been working hard to cull down this stash of mine to a more manageable size with things I really do love and use consistently.  I've been thinking about duplicates in the collection to get rid of and colors and formulas that aren't perfect.  So what happens when I've showed everything I have on the blog that is worth showing?  I suspect with my consumer tendencies there will still be things to show you, so I guess we get there when we get there.  After all, this is a brand new beauty blog, right?
One of my favorites places in New York
A food-stall vendor ajumma in Seoul (near Nakwon-dong)
The Brooklyn Bridge.  Go out there and support NY downtown businesses!
In 2013, I'll keep on showing you what I have and write up new things I buy or am thinking about.  I'm going to think harder about what I buy and what I don't buy.  That's my goal for 2013.  Buy with a more discriminating eye and mind.

The New Year is coming!  A happy and prosperous one for each of you.

With makeup covered hugs,

P.S. A short break for me in terms of new posts.  I'm going to see family for a few days.  And I'll be dreaming up new posts in the meanwhile.

Burberry Lip Velvet in Honey Suckle

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville