Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Black Orchid

'Tis the Season for vampy lip sticks!  Tom Ford originally launch a very small set of items as a collaboration with Estee Lauder some years ago.  There were some opulent looking gold compacts that seemed to better suit the Estee Lauder dna.  That was when I began to think Tom Ford in the context of beauty.  A blip on my beauty radar was the original offering of lipsticks which were in the white case with gold accents.

The line evolved into a full beauty offering a year ago, but I still think Tom Ford's most iconic element is the lipstick. They have a beautiful range of nude lipsticks but I haven't found the right one to love and buy yet.  Things can go so terribly wrong when wearing a nude lip color that doesn't agree with you!
I finally painted my nails; Rescue Beauty Lounge in Insouciant
On the opposite end of the lip spectrum is the vamp.  Here is Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Black Orchid.  The tube is big and clunky and take up a lot of room in my makeup bag, but does look awfully chic when you whip it out to touch up.  Isn't looking chic half the battle?  (who are we fighting this battle against?  I've forgotten again.)  Also when hurled at an assailant, can easily be used as a weapon.
Painfully sharp edges

I was inspired by this Lisa Eldridge video to get this particular color because I loved the idea of the versatile lip color.  Don't be frightened, even though this color does look alarmingly intimidating.

You can apply with your fingers or blotted well down to a less deeper hue, but personally, I like it full on vampy, in two layers.  The key to a successful and comfortable wear on the lips is really to keep you lips prepped into submission:  thickly apply a lip balm and go about doing the rest of your makeup and then when you're ready, wipe the excess balm off and then apply your lipstick.

Let me show you this sexy color, first applied with my fingertips to show a cool, wearable plum.

And now let me show you fully applied to my arm.  Cool, slightly blackened, with plum tones.  On me I see more of the cool plum tones than a deep red when I apply to my lips.
Patchy formula; stunning color!

It does look fantastic as a true statement lip.  With a fairly neutral eye, I do think Black Orchid is very wearable.  With a dramatic eye, this is a lip color to really make an entrance with.  Unfortunately, I have some major quibbles with this formula.  Very pigmented lip shades seem to want to wage havoc on my lips and this particular one wants to really dries me out.  I wonder if this formula is different from the formula of the less pigmented and lighter shades because those have felt much more moisturizing on my lips when I tried them at the counter.  I start the day strong when I put these on in the morning, but inevitably after a try or two at reapplication during the day, I will wipe it off and top with lip balm and lament my sad dry peeling lips!

I think your mileage will vary as everyone reacts differently with cosmetics formulations.  Have you tried Tom Ford lipsticks and Black Orchid?  Did your lips agree more favorably than mine did?  And Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick, I love you, why don't you love me back?!

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