Tom Ford Brush Collection Overview

These brushes I've been adding to over the last year or so since the launch of Tom Ford Beauty.  Some I enjoy more than others and some I prefer vastly over others in my entire brush collection.  And at least one is a total dud.

When I purchased these brushes for the first time, I got a very nondescript answer about what hairs these brushes are: "Natural."  They appear to be goat hair, but the hairs are very thin and fine and especially evident in the face brushes, they are very soft.
Little goat that resides at the Central Park Zoo.  Not a Tom Ford goat, you see.  But I can imagine a posh Upper East Side goat should be contributing to a luxury makeup brush.  
The handles are a gleaming dark brown, with polished gold ferrules.  They wash cleanly and without loss of any errant hairs.  The face brushes balloon a bit in size, but I do not use any brush guard type apparatus to keep the shape when drying or storing.  This does not affect the performance.

The Collection (Tom Ford deserves a capital "C" at least because of the money I've spent of them):
in a clear acrylic cup from MUJI

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more detailed reviews of these brushes as well as comparisons to some others I own when applicable.  I think comparing brushes is important because I really need to know if I'm justified being smitten with these or if others I own really should be good enough.  Afterall, I'm trying to become a better and more discriminating consumer.

Some more view of the Tom Ford brushes I have in my collection:
From top: Cream foundation; Shade and Illuminate; Bronzer; Cheek 
From Top: Lip; Smokey Eye; Eye Shadow; Eye Shadow Blend; Eye Shadow Contour
Do let me know if there is a particular brush you'd like to see first.  I won't post them all in a row.  I suspect many of you are more sane than I am about brush love and would rather see pretty makeup.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Brush

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