Tom Ford Cheek Brush

Let's go there.  Let us explore the dark side.  I mentioned in my previous post that the Suqqu cheek brush is well loved, long coveted and pretty darn perfect.  The heart tries hard to be true, but the eye, the eye it wanders until it lands on this:

Let's ponder the seductive lines of this beauty.  The handle is a dark brown color that flashes a deep burgundy and golden shimmery brown in the light.  The ferrule is a highly polished gold.  All the brush hairs are white.  Unlike some other white goat hair brushes (Shu Uemura 18 Goat) it doesn't smell like a barnyard animal when wet.  Nothing ruins a sexy brush like a reminder of a smelly animal.  (check out my Tom Ford Goat Hair Thunderdome here for a really close look at the brush hairs)
Sexy engraved Tom Ford logo to show off
It is all soft, bouncy dense hair that is a perfect dome.  By the way, don't be worried that the white hairs on this brush would be difficult to get clean.  This has been freshly washed and the hairs are back to its pristine white.   After washing, the brush head does expand into a rather voluminous shape.  You can see it in stock images on on-line stores, the head starts off more compact and tapered, but post wash, it gets round, large and in charge.
Freshly post-wash.  Pristinely white but bloated.
Look how dense this thing is:
Wow, dense and soft.  In a complimentary way.
You can pick up too much pigment with this by pressing too hard and swirling vigorously as you wipe on the blush pan.  So yes, you too can achieve the clown face that I am drawn to.  If your personal preference is not clown I suggest you very lightly tap your brush into the blush pan.  tap tap tappity tap tap.  Then use the brush to softly place the color on your cheeks.  It is also very easy to blend away any obvious edges with this brush.

This actually is a great multi-functional brush, and depending on how your application preference runs, you may find this to be a great brush.  If you have a lightly pigmented product, this would be great to extract the color while still keeping the effect soft on your cheeks.  For such a bulky head, I find the Cheek Bursh has very good control at targeting color placement as well.  I've also used this to apply cream products (bronzer) and its dense bushy head does a great job keeping streak free and leaving a lovely skin-like finish.

So why do I need both Suqqu Cheek and the Tom Ford Cheek brushes?  Because the Suqqu is a quiet, understated beauty and so excellent with highly pigmented product and producing a lovely diffuse color effect on the cheeks.  She is controlled and disciplined.  Tom Ford has density for pigment pickup, which also works well with cream products. 

So do you have your eye on any particular Tom Ford brush?  Or do you already own one or few that you'd like to share your experience with me on? 

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