Wonky Eye(s) - A Song to Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base

Woe is me!  I have mismatched eyes!  I've read that research was conducted which shows that humans have a deep affinity for facial features that closely exhibit an ideal form (a la the "Golden Ratio" based on the Fibonacci sequence), with evenness of features.

Source click on this source link for a fascinating read

I actually do not suffer any angst about my eyes or my face in general.  I suppose every face can use some improvement, but I'm at an age where I feel that I am who I am and it is what it is.  Pithy op-ed, eh?

It matters in the sense that I have a hard time applying eye makeup due to my mismatched eyes and generally challenging lids.  For instance:
  • Lack of lid space (the good Lord take that away and gave me extra forehead)
  • slightly hooded lids (Sexy wings, no way, Jose)
  • prominent epicanthic fold  (good bye appropriate inner eye highlight)
  • crease on one eye, no crease on other (Hello, wtfonk?)
If I were a talented makeup artist, then perhaps I can equalize and enhance with makeup, but in addition to challenging eyes, I also have remedial application skills.  My challenges are:
  • Complete lack of creative color combinations (let's combine dark brown, with light brown.  See, this is why I like palettes, because someone else did the thinking for me)
  • No idea of color placement beyond super basic
  • tendency to blend and then blend some more (smudgy, sludgy, muddy mess)
So what do I do?  What do I do?  All of these facial idiosyncrasies and personality tendencies tend to make eye makeup application an exercise in dull wiping and slathering exercise that inevitably creases.  If you also have challenges of creasing and fading on your lids due to anatomy and sebum (blergh), then get yourself an eyeshadow primer if you don't already have them in your arsenal.

Several types of primers are popular these days, one of which is the Urban Decay one, but in my exhaustive (ahem) research, I've learned that Nars Pro Prime doesn't impede blending.  And as you know, I do love me some muddied over blending.  Primers can:

  • Provide a smoother, more even colored eyelid so that the true color of an eye shadow shows  (many lighter colored eye shadow, or creamy your-skin colored creamy product can do this).  I used to use this creamy eye shadow stick from Bobbi Brown, but it appears no longer available.

  • or, allows for a prepped eyelid surface that is free of oil, and allows for a more tenacious "sticking" of eye makeup so that it lasts

    Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base (source)
  • or, a combination of two.
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (source)
The first option really didn't do much for me since my skin tone is pretty even on my lids and it wasn't meant to keep skin smoothly primed.  

However, option 2 is my "Holy Grail."  I picked up Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof eye shadow base on a whim at a counter in Hong Kong, tried it the following morning and was stunned into a pile of grateful goo at the end of the day.  The results were that my shadows remained as vibrant as when I applied in the morning and my eyeliner did not crease, fade and break in my inner eye corner as it is likely to normally do.

But, Belly, you haven't addressed how you overcome your lack of application skills and your terrible sense of color?  What am I, a makeup artist?  All I can say to that is that I keep on keeping on and on a few serendipitous days, eyes look decent.  At least nothing fades or creases thanks to the Nars!  So take THAT, Fibonacci sequence, take THAT!

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