Becca Beach Tint in Dragonfruit

I like the idea of multi-purpose beauty products but things generally do reasonably well at one and not so well at the other.  I find my sole Becca Beach Tint in Dragonfruit to be no exception to my personal experience.  I do however love the color so it earns its keep in my collection.

The Becca Beach Tints come in these eensy little tubes and are products meant to be used to tint the cheeks and lips.  Apparently they are water resistent as well, but I haven't really tested that claim to offer an opinion on that. 

Have you ever seen an actual dragonfruit?  They are seriously other worldly looking.  I remember first encountering them in Hong Kong and wondering what alien species plopped these into my fruit bowl in the hotel room.  They do have a riotous clash of bright lemony green and intense pink on the skin.  That pink looks glorious on the fruit and definitely looks bright and cheerful in the Beach Tint.

Holy gadzooks!  This product is super pigmented, so do not use more than a tiny blob.  Even that tiny blob will be more than enough to actually do your cheeks, your lips and perhaps several acquaintances.  I find my fingers to be excellent tools for blending!

Here is my little blob of Dragonfruit:

And blended out slightly and then sheered out with my fingers.   

It is a lovely bright pink color with a teeny tint of warm coral.  It certainly is an instant mood picker-upper.  It has a slight fruity smell and a very silicony feel that helps blend on the cheeks.  The color translates beautifully on the lips as well and can be layered to produce a very opaque bright color.  I must have Armor-All (or super color resistent) skin, because it doesn't stain my lips or cheeks after prolonged wear.  Lasts well on my cheeks (~5 hours) which is not too disimilar from powder blushes for me.  On my lips, I only get 3-4 hours.  It does feel very dry on my lips, which I'm not too keen on.  I top with a little lip balm which improves the feel but hastens the wear time.

Have you tried Becca and their lovely Beach Tints?

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