Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Coral Pink

In addition to the Light Glow lip gloss in Mallow Pink, this was my other purchase from the new Burberry Beauty releases for Spring 2013.  They introduced two blushes in this capsule, a bright fuschia called Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink.  I had a chance to play with both at my local counter and found both blushes to be oddly and surprisingly quite similar!  I posted this on Twitter the other day.  Coral Pink is the slightly warmed up color on top and Hydrangea Pink is the one on the bottom.

Hydrangea Pink, while truly stunning and lovely in texture, is too similar to Tom Ford Narcissist which I also own.  (tah dah!  I can walk away from something!)  If you do not own Narcissist, this is worth a closer look.  Coral Pink however seemed more unique in my blush collection.  Let's look closely:

Stupid fingerprint magnet

Burberry blushes have some of the nicest feel I've experienced.  It has a truly exceptional feel of softness and a creamy plushness which does NOT translate to heaviness on your cheeks.  Rather, it looks seamlessly married to your skin and adding the glow that is in the product name.  Same qualities are present in Coral Pink in my opinion, but slightly powdery in texture.

However, unlike Earthy, my contour product, Coral Pink is very pigmented.  Unless you really want to go all out clown, I urge you to practice your lightest hand, perhaps rubbing off some excess pigment on a tissue before applying.  It is easy to blend, but incredibly pigmented.  I had good success with a fan brush, because even my Suqqu cheek brush picked up too much pigment.  Yeah, woah.

On to the pictures of this beauty.  Coral Pink seems a lot like the Hydrangea Pink but with tiny shot of warm coral in it.  Meaning, it is a cool pink with a dash of coral.  Why do they call it Coral Pink, anyway?  Seems like a big misnomer to me.  Still, have to admit, it is a beautiful color in the pan and on the skin.

Some comparisons you might find interesting or helpful:
Tom Ford Narcissist, which is my stand-in for Burberry Hydrangea Pink, and Burberry Blossom, which is a real corally pink!

Isn't it funny how orange Burberry Blossom looks compared to the relatively cooler pinkiness of Coral Pink?

And for a extra comparison, a swatch of Estee Lauder Wild Sunset added:

What have you been interested in from the Burberry Spring collection?

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