Burberry Lip Glow in Mallow Pink

This is one of my two purchases from the Burberry Spring 2013 releases.  My other purchase was the new blush in Coral Pink.  Me, a lip gloss.  I'm going to try hard not to tell you about why I don't generally like lip glosses (sticky, no lasting power, hair sticking to lips, shudder! etc).  I'm going to tell you what drew me to this little item.

It's dreary winter here now.  The clouds are hanging overbearingly low and an evil fog has been malingering over this region.  I wake up in the morning and the skies are dark, it is chilly and the sun has foresaken me!  (I think I need a sun lamp or something)

I've been looking wistfully over the Burberry Spring images looking at the bright cheerful colors.  Of the Spring offering was this one particular Lip Glow in Mallow Pink.  Apprently (thanks Google), Mallow is a plant considered a weed and from which blooms this happy pink flower. 
Here is Burberry's rendition of Mallow.  Nice gleaming case.  It's a little scratched up on the clear part of the container.  I don't keep anything sharp in my makep bag, so I'm not sure why it's so banged up however.

The color seems a bit like a lightened up cherry red, running definitely blue on my skin and on my lips.  On my cool lips, it definitely runs into a bright, deep cool pink.  I'm really liking this color.  It is pigmented and can be worn alone and without another layer of lipstick underneath.  It is really helping me face these grey days and makes me feel a teeny bit of Spring is here... you know, on my FACE!

Anyway, on the formula, it feels smooth going on.  The tiny gold shimmers do contribute to a slightly gritty feel, but not terribly annoying to me.  It is not a very sticky formula and the wear time is as I would expect for a gloss, about 2 or so hours.  The SA mentioned a staining effect, but I haven't experienced that at all in my wears of this pretty color.  I think this is due to my general Teflon skin.  Oh yes, lest I forget, it also has the floral scent as do their other lip products.

What are you intrigued by for Burberry Spring?  Anything catching your eyes?

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