Burberry Lip Velvet in Honey Suckle

I have a mixed-emotion, up-and-down love affair with Burberry lipsticks.  I find so many of the colors so lovely, but it seems to wreck a bit of havoc on my lips.  I guess my lips are a bit more sensitive than I thought, so on occasion, I am left with peeling lips when I wear Burberry lipsticks on consecutive days.  That said, all of that is a your mileage may vary situation, so you may have no issues whatsoever.  They are also very heavily scented with some powdery floral scent.  I know for some, that is a deal breaker!

The case itself is a very heavy metal case with a very subtle Nova check print.  Unlike it's regular Lip Cover or Lip Mist brethren, which are veritable fingerprint magnets, this case is matte as is the color within.  The cap is magnetized and closely firmly once you get around the polarization which makes the top and bottom repel each other.  And just try to line up two or more Burberry lipsticks in a row: impossible.  Good thing I am not really OCD about that kind of stuff.

I am drawn again to the lovely shades even though I have issues with the formula of the Lip Covers and the Lip Mists, the regular and sheer lipsticks formulations in the line.  When Burberry introduced the Lip Velvets, which are their newest long-wearing, matte formulations, I ran over to my favorite Burberry counter to check them out.  I waffled for a long time before making a purchase, but this is what I ended up getting: stunning Honey Suckle.

First, I have a few thoughts about the formula.  It is an airy light formula, that still has a small amount of slip (which I like) and a slight emolient feel.  It feels very nice going on the lips, but settles into a matte finish.  The matte finish itself is devoid of any shiny glossiness, but not devoid of life.  It has a slight light-reflective property when in light that keeps it from being completely dead looking.

The color itself is spectacular.
It is a very bright and warm shade drawing from equal parts clear pink and very assertive coral.  It goes on opaque with a second thin layer, but it's first layer will allow some of your natural lip to show through.  I would recommend actually trying this lip stick out in person if possible.  It is so warm and assertive, I think it would be very challenging on pinky cool skin tones.

Below picture shows some of the light reflecting softly on it.  This above picture is more true to color.
Indirect natural light
Considering this is a matte lipstick, it is fairly and surprisingly comfortable on my lips.  It doesn't moisturize, but does not feel like it is drying my lips out.   I don't really get the long-wearing claim on this lipstick.  In my experience, it lasts a good 3-4 hours which is what the regular Lip Covers last on my lips.

Do you like matte lipsticks?  What are some of your favorite brands in matte lips?

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