Ellis Faas Light Eyes Holographic Bordeaux E305

Are difficult and fickle products worth it?  How about when it is one unique color? 

Here is something that is like putting a stunning play of light and color on your eyelids.  Even the container is so striking.  Ellis Faas' makeup items are amazing looking in their bullet-shaped makeup containers.

Holographic Bordeaux is part of the Lights formula for eyes from Ellis Faas.  There are others, but really this incredible color has been tempting me for a while. 


This brush is mostly useless for me.  I use it to dab on the color, but then quickly use either my fingers or another brush (usually my Shu Uemura 5R which plays nicely with non-powder products) to shape and blend.  You will read on other blogs that for a brand-new pen, you need approximately eleventy-million billion clicks on the pen rotator to extrude the first blob of color.  It will be a GIANT blob of color that is dispensed and you will stare in horror as it comes out with abandon and profusion.  It's all worth it, you see, because now you have acessed THIS:

Hello, Gorgeous!
In some lights and turn of the face, the color will show a reddened ("bordeaux-ed," if you will) brown that feels light and cool when I apply it.  I can slightly sheer it out when I use a small amount and also with a quick blend of my brush.
Now the duochrome nature of this color comes through.  A cool, sage-y green layer flashes on top of the bordeaux brown at some angles.  Pictures below showcasing that amazing color:

It feels cool going on, and has a slightly thickened but liquid texture.  You have a minute or so to shape and blend, but then it dries completely.  It does feel weightless when dried on your lids.

The first time I wore this, it flaked like crazy and I truly hated the formula.  I wore it over my daily eye shadow primer from Nars.  I have used subsequently with very light layers of small amount and haven't had issues with the flaking, and it lasted well, with some slight fading in my inner corners. 

Fiddly applicator, fickle formula but amazing color.  Have you tried other Ellis Faas products?  Do you tolerate that pen or do you hate it?

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