Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment

Rouge Bunny Rouge was one of those elusive brands that was harder to procure.  For most people outside of a few limited countries it was only available through luxury internet retailer Zuneta.  By the way, if you've never used Zuneta before, they have friendly and accessible customer service and  reasonable international shipping rates.

Recently, US based California retailer Beautyhabit started to carry the line, although it doesn't seem to carry the entire range.  They also have a huge perfume selection, though I won't post about that.  I'm even more clueless about scents than makeup. Both periodically offer coupon codes, which is a good thing because this is a luxury brand.

Rouge Bunny Rouge has also opened up their own internet site.  If you are in the UK or the EU, the prices and shipping are attractive.  If like me, you reside outside of the EU, the shipping is prohibitively expensive while they do have occasional promotional shipping events.  Enjoy their beautiful site.  If you are a non-EU resident like, me the considerably large VAT is removed when you shop.

Enough yammering, you came here to look at this:

I think loose pigments are for makeup artistry wizards (or witches?  Witches doesn't sound right) with deft touches and skills.  (I don't have those)  However. these are about as simple to use as a regular pan of eye shadow.  The jar is tidy and I've not experienced any mishaps or spills.  I use the conical sponge tip applicator to apply the pigment on my eyes and use a brush to blend.

These things are ridiculously smooth and fine.  And easy for a novice like me to blend one shade of pigment with another or with another shadow.  Also the pearl shimmer is so fine that it creates depth and dimension on the eye all by it self.  A great wash shade if there ever was one.  Or highlighting shade.  Or a topper shade.  Or...

I own all seven of them.  Makes the looney consumer in me happy to gaze at the bottles snug in my vanity drawer.

The shimmer is not over the top, but then my preference is always satiny shimmers over matte shades.  For me, these are the easiest way for me in to incorporate non-neutrals into my eye makeup routine as they apply so finely.  Nothing garish about these.  Do you use loose pigment shadows?  Are you a wizard?

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