Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blushes - Depotted and Swatches! (Updated)

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I shared my last disastrous effort when I tried to depot the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows.  Undeterred by impending disaster and better judgement, I decided to have another go at depotting.  This time I pitted myself against the blushes.

It is very burdensome when all I want to do is melt some plastic and pry out some pretty pans when my brain keeps telling me not to do it!  Good thing I'm so excellent at ignoring voices in my head, because look what I did:
Aggle flabble!
I've depotted into a new-style Unii palette.  Nobody died in this attempt!  No pans were blasted into smithereens, no fingers were slashed by sharp tools and depotter was only slightly dizzied by melted-plastic fumes.

Heh heh.  I'd like to thank my good friend Bern from Diabolus in Cosmetica blog who encouraged me with her words and with this post.  Flame, it's all good.

Individual pan pictures below:

Here are a few swatches on my arm, in various natural lighting.

Yeah well, my photography skills (or NON-skills) are pretty lacking and I can't capture the beautiful radiance in the applied color.  On the cheek I find the colors are glowing and so pretty without any obvious shimmer.  So why do I have 5 and not all 6 of these blushes?  Well, because the 6th won't fit in my palette and I've run out of arm to swatch it on the blog, of course.  Duh.

Based on a few emails, twitter conversations and my dear friends commenting below, I added a few comparison pictures that you may find interesting.  Also please excuse these especially lackluster photographs.  In addition to clouds, we've been experiencing some full on FOG that obscures any thought of decent sunlight today.

What's RBR Delicata like compared to Burberry Earthy Blush?  Earthy is more brown toned compared to the pinker Delicata.  Delicata also has a more pronounced (but super subtle) shimmer compared to the more matte, but still luminous Earthy.  Both are AWESOME!

If I don't use Habanera that often, what do I use for Terra-cotta blushes?  I like a bit more reddened liveliness on my cheeks.  I usually go for Tom Ford Ravish, which has a fine gold shimmer that gives extra dimension to the cheeks without any glitter chunks.

Okey dokey.  Hope you found the comparisons helpful.

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