Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Himesango 11

I thought I'd start my reviews of the Suqqu eye shadow palettes with Himesango.  Suqqu has discontinued their original line up of eye shadow quads (numbers 1 through 8).   Himesango is one of the relatively newer releases from last year and features a slightly different format than those quads.  Because I can count ... uh up to 5, you can see that Himesango has five colors in a four-pan format.
Whee minuscule sponge and brush applicators
Today, I am also going to play a little bit of the comparison game with Tom Ford Enchanted because the color story is similar and because, what the heck, why not compare one thing that is Limited Edition and one thing that is really a pain to buy?

I had a long and thoughtful application of Himesango this morning and thought about the qualities I really like about this particular palette.  There is an extra oomph in pigmentation for Himesango, that I don't experience in the older palettes.  As a matter of fact, I think I can make a valid comparison between the pigment-rich creamy feel of most Rouge Bunny Rouge's powder eye shadows and Suqqu's Himesango's formula.  They both have that feel on the fingertips that is uber smooth and rich feeling, you know, like buttah.

Setting formula aside, let me show you my pictures of this quint.  Most of the 4-pan Suqqu format contains a matte base shade that is used to even out the lids as well as make you go "ahhhh!" as you brush on that shade.  Himesango's base is a matte soft white tinged delicately with a peachy pink on the lower right pan.  Also there is a pale, peached pink shade with delicate silvery cool shimmers.  Next up is one killer taupe on the upper right side.  This is Suqqu's version of frost, if it can be considered frost. But much like the base shade, feels creamy and applies smoothly.  This taupe has some more prominent multi-colored shimmery bits.  This shade is a cool plum-leaning, mauve taupe.  Finally, the split pan has the dark shades that can be used to either line or add depth to whatever eye bit you like.  One is a warmer brown and the other a darker, cool plummy brown shade.

Delicate shimmer and texture
Suqqu does a few things really excellently, which is the balancing of textures and effect to produce an overall harmony.  I mean seriously!  LOOKIT!?  Himesango is also less esoteric than some of the limited edition palettes and is just a lovely neutral look.  If not accessible in terms of purchasing, it is accessible in terms of makeup ease of use.
How lovely is THAT?!
So now, let's veer into our Tom Ford Enchanted which produces a similar color story, but executed much differently (and I think less perfectly) than Himesango.  My ownership of both palette just speaks to the fact that I want to buy the same thing over and over and over again.  It think this is why I am drawn like a moth to a flame to Chanel's new quad Raffinement.  The color effect is similar and definitely shimmery on both.  But Himesango has a more balanced approach of warmth (peachy) and cool (mauve) versus the cooler Enchanted and Himesango also brings on a more delicate shimmer.  Enchanted glitter topcoat is like a big punch in the eyes while the Himesango shimmer is infinitely more delicate.

Well, what does it matter if both are too darn hard to find?  I recommend going to the Chanel counter and trying out Raffinement.  I think it's actually more brown than Enchanted and didn't seem as pigmented and soft as the Suqqu, but it may be a good, more easily available palette with a similar effect.  As for me, I shall be walking on by the Raffinement because I really don't want a third variation of more of the same.

Are you a Suqqu fan?  What do you think of the newer quads versus the old ones.

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