Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Shadow Quad - Where Is It?!

Sorry it took so long to get this post out there. And guess what, no photos from me yet!  Bad blogger, BAD BAD BAD!  I'm going to forgo photos I've taken for a few days in order for you to get some information on where to get it.  Deal?  I'll get a real review out there... at some point.


I believe Enchanted is nearly impossible at this point to get a hold of at this point.  It may be worth calling your local (or not so local) Tom Ford Beauty counter as on-line seems completely depleted of inventory.  Recently Bergdorf Goodman had received a re-order shipment in a few weeks ago when I had inquired.  (This is the number to the BG counter in NYC (212) 872-2813.  Lovely Maria and Winnie can help you and ship to you.  They do ship internationally.)  It is a limited edition product.   There were a few palettes left as of yesterday, so do call if you are interested in getting one.

Amazing Cafe Makeup has done a great comparison between Enchanted and Chanel's new permanent Raffinement quad here, which may be a more accessible option. Cafe Makeup's Enchanted review is here.  True, they make everything look drool worthy in their gorgeous reviews, but it is a lovely cool, mauve-toned neutral quad.

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