Tom Ford Eye Shadow Contour Brush

If the Smokey is my favorite, then this one isn't too far behind.  This is the Eye Shadow Contour Brush.

 The shape of the brush head is unique: it is gently domed and longer on one end than the other.  It also seems slightly denser on the longer end than on the shorter end.  The goat hairs on this brush head are very densely packed.  As with the other Tom Ford brushes, brush head is composed of exquisitely soft and fine hairs and feels soft on your eyelids.  The length of the hairs graduate into a thin edge.

I do not have any similar brushes in my collection to show you.  Here is what the Tom Ford Contour Brush does particularly well: if you place the longer side flush against the outer part of your eye, it places pigment adeptly into the outer V.

I myself am not particularly fond of the traditional dark shade on the outer V, medium shade on the lid and another deeper shade on the crease eye look.  I prefer pigment that is dark and built up around my upper lash line.  Again with the brush placed with the longer hairs near to the outer part of my eye, I can line a thinner line of color near the inner part of my upper lid line and a more built up line of color on the outer end of my lash line.

It is versatile enough to wash color on the lids, dense with tapered brush end to line a dark shade against the lash line and shapely enough to color the outer V.  Not bad for one brush!
Having used the Tom Ford brushes consistently for a few months now, I'm appreciating how well the eye brushes are keeping its shape after washing, as well as retaining it's white color on the hairs.

This brush is definitely earning its keep in my cup of brushes!  What are some good multi-functional brushes you enjoy in your collection?

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