We Don't Need No Fancy Goats!**

Lest you think I believe only insanely expensive brushes are up for the task of good makeup application, let me show you the brushes that I still reach for occassionally.  And actually before I lost all my marbles and beauty-related things took over my hobby life, I kept my makeup tools and makeup collection very minimal.  I was literally a 2 lipstick, 1 blush, 1 foundation, 1 eyeshadow and eyeliner type of person.  I used no mascara.  I think you've seen some of what I own now and know I'm a little different now.

In terms of brushes, here's what were my sole makeup brushes:
  • Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush -- This thing is so fluffy and soft.  It's like have a cuddly little pet in my brush cup.  It is not very dense, but for a airy and light application of powder, this works very well.  Hairs are "natural" and I'm not really sure what they are.  Available at Target.  (here's what I use these days: Suqqu Face Brush, Tom Ford Bronzer Brush)
  • Lancome Eye Shadow Brush -- This thing is from a Gift with Purchase from over 10 years ago.  I used this on every eye shadow for a long time.  I think this is natural hairs and feels like a pony blend.  It's slightly scratchy, but is very dense and picks up pigment very nicely.  Sorry, I don't know where you can buy one of these!  :-)  It's limited in function and really functions best for applying a wash on the lids versus any detail work.  (what I use now: Tom Ford brushes, Suqqu L, M, F brushes, and MORE!)

Well this post was my attempt to look sane, but 10 years since these brushes were purchased, I did go completely nuts.

I'm curious, what old makeup and brushes have you kept over the years that you still love and hold on to for sentimental reasons?

**Fancy Goats refer to my general posts on Tom Ford Brushes, on which I am completing a series of reviews.

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