Burberry Beauty Lip Mist in Rosy Red

My local Burberry Beauty counter has been very generous with samples and I've had the luck to get a Lip Mist sampler.  In it contained a teeny portion of four colors: Copper, Rosy Red, Blueberry and Feather Pink.  The more I explore the tightly edited line, the more I fall for Burberry Beauty.  I sampled Rosy Red for a few days and went out a purchased a full size tube.
Not often I post a brand new lipstick here!

Burberry now has three different lipstick formulations.  Lip Mist you see here today is the sheer lipstick, Lip Velvets are the matte lipsticks introduced end of last year and Lip Covers are the regular lipsticks. All three feel very light on the lips despite the pigmentation level.  Now that I have a sampling of all three, I declare I am so happy to have gotten Rosy Red.

Lip Mist has a particularly lovely formula.  Of the three from Burberry, I particularly like this.  Its sheerness makes it easy to apply quickly and the color can be built up to a more deeper hue, but still has the pretty translucency of the formula.  The finish is really a pretty shine.  It's not as rich as the Chantecaille Lip Chic formulas, but still feel a bit of cushion and moisture on the lips.  The wear time is about average for these sheer type lipsticks on me, which is to say, it is not long lasting.

The color in the tube is a deep pinkish red, but it applies into a beautiful sheer red.  A quick swatch will impart just the right color to give my lips a nice reddened shine, but a second layer will build up the color into a more deeper rosy red!  The name is really the color!  If you are looking to incorporate a little bit of red into your routine, this is really a luxurious and easy way to do it.

Just for fun, here's the little sample card from Burberry and swatches of the shades.  Copper is a warm nude with some nearly imperceptible golden shimmer.  Blueberry is a deep sheer cool burgundy.  Feather Pink is a neutral pink with the same fine golden shimmer as the Copper.

What are your favorite sheer lipsticks or pigmented lip balms?

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