Chanel Joue Contraste in Fleur de Lotus

Chanel Joue Contraste in Fleur de Lotus was part of a Asia-only release which was later released last year by Nordstrom in conjunction with its anniversary sale.  It is the baked formula which I've heard is less preferable to the North American formula which is supposedly more pigmented and smoother.  I personally only own Fleur de Lotus so don't have a point of comparison, but I have no problems with this blush.  I purchased mine in Asia thinking it would be so nice to have something so exclusive and hard to find, but of course it has since become more widely available.  Funny things are a purchase motivator for me, including exclusivity.

Nordstrom seems to be out of stock at this point, but it's still at Chanel.  If you have been pondering a purchase, I suggest you act now.  These Chanel limited editions do not seem inclined to stick around (like Chanel Notorious).

As you see in the pan, there is a warm fine shimmer that imparts a radiance on your cheeks.
Beautiful finish
It's a coral pink that is so flattering on my cheeks.  While I am not exactly inclined to run out and buy all the Chanel JCs out there, I am quite pleased with how this color adds a little feminine softness to my blush collection.  I even like the strong rose scent.

Have I ever told you how I am constantly drawn to the same things over and over though?  Uh oh.  Hello, Burberry Blossom.  Here's what happens when I'm not diligently aware of what I already own and what colors are likely to suck me into the vortex of mindless consumption.
They are not exactly dupes.  Blossom is slightly darker with a faint brown tinge and the finish is more matte.  It's just that small differences in finish and slight shift in color isn't enough to actually make a big difference on my face.

If you are unable to purchase Fleur de Lotus, then Blossom may be a great alternative.  Actually, Blossom really holds its own.  As you know, I love Burberry blushes and I do think they have some of the loveliest textures and finishes around.  I understand that Blossom is out of stock and hard to find at this point.  I've been hearing rumblings of it being discontinued.  Is this confirmed?  Anyone able to weigh in with the facts?

I guess the sane question for me is to decide whether both have warranted its place in my blush collection.  Well, Chanel IS Limited Edition and it's a little souvenir from my days in Asia.  And Blossom IS amazingly soft and pretty.  Uh, next question...

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