Chantecaille Lip Chic in Sunrise

A few weeks after purchasing and using Amour, I went ahead and purchased Sunrise.  After all, one lonely lipstick rolling around by itself is terribly tragic.  Right?  Right?  I was looking for a more vibrant color with a punch of warmth and Sunrise looked to fit the bill.

I won't say much about the formula of these lipsticks, except to say that its emollient and lush texture has been a nice treat for winter winds and temperature.  So a quick post today, of the pretty color itself.

Sunrise is a lovely coral rose and looks fairly coral in the tube.
On the skin, you can see the pretty rosiness becoming more prominent.

(L) one swipe (R) Layered swipe

I tend to turn everything cool and pink toned with my pigmented mauve lips, it turns very bright pink on my lips.  I think it's the dense pigment on a clear base that has a lot of translucency allowing the natural lip color from showing through.  And actually another layer of color makes the color more coral on my lips and a bit more true to bullet.

Grey winter days require some pretty brights.  Don't you think?

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