Clé de Peau Enriched Lip Luminizer in 206 Sweet Watermelon

Enriched Lip Luminizer was the recently reformulated lipstick from last year.  It was offered in a refill format with a separate holding case.  You know how I feel about having to pay for separate cases; I don't like it!  The colors are quite luscious looking though and I purchased two when they came out.  Today I will show you #206, which is named Sweet Watermelon.  I actually don't see the name on the case or the display, so if you are so inclined to look at this color in person, make sure to have the number handy.
Elegant case and product
refill on top; bottom two pieces are the case

I actually bought just one case thinking that I would just pop out one refill and put in the second when I wanted to use it.  But I must be exceedingly lazy because I barely have the energy or inclination to swap the refills.  I also don't want to spend more money on another case, because it is so pricey.  Obviously, I'm not too keen on the case, but what are my deep thoughts on the actual lipstick?

Color is very feminine and pretty.  It is a beautiful shiny pink that really is like a very ripe piece of watermelon when it starts to turn from the deeper cool red into the pale pink of sweetness.  It has a very moisturizing feel and to me, it's more of a lip treatment than a real lipstick.  Not to say that the applied color is not pretty.  It really is, but the formula is chock full of moisture and at the same time is really slippery.  It wears like other really sheer lipsticks, which is very short.  I need to reapply very often to keep the color on my lips.  Also, since the formula tends to have so much slip, it smears outside my lip line and I need a lip liner to prevent it from migrating.  Yes, this product is a little high maintenance.

Both the glossy shininess and and the color on the lips is face brightening.  I just don't reach for this as much as I should (given the high price I've paid).  One word of caution, the product dispenses with a turn of a rotating mechanism at the bottom of the case.  You can not retract, so be careful not to over turn it.

The case is tall, thin and gleaming.  The formula and color are beautiful and high maintenance.  I really need to be in a certain mood to pull this out of my lipstick drawer.

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