Consumption Galore

I wonder if I've truly lost my makeup mind and if in short order, I've already lost my blog focus.  I wonder if as you peruse my posts you can readily see how much I enjoy beautiful luxury products and sharing with you, but I do so with a bit rueful shake of my head.  How many pairs of lips, eyes, brows, lashes and cheeks does one person have?
Only a very small fraction of recent purchases
In looking at my past posts, I also see that I am super focused on a handful of brands (you can easily see that on my tags on the right of the reading pane).  I might as well change my blog name to the Suqrougeford blog.  It must be a bit tedious.  I think it's reflective of how tunnel-visioned I get about brands I like.  I suspect I will move on and latch onto some other things over time.

I've made some big purchases lately so eventually most (some? all?) will end up on the blog.  I made a gigantic wallet-squeezing buy of Spring Summer Suqqu, a Dolce & Gabbana lipstick, as well as Shiseido and Rouge Bunny Rouge.  I also never put up the rest of the Tom Ford color I own.

Writing that list of purchases is really eye-opening.  Because I've definitely left things off, and that's a big list there.  Seriously, who needs that much?

Oh, makeup-loving internet, when do you say to yourself ENOUGH mindless consumption?

Comparison Burberry Lip Cover in Deep Burgundy vs Tom Ford Beauty Black Orchid

Catching Up!