Ellis Faas Concealer

There is a makeup brand famous for under eye concealing products.  I remember going there looking for a foundation and being told that I must conceal the area under my eyes.  I remember waffling at the counter while the SA tried the foundation and concealing products on me.  I think it looked kind of odd having such brightened and light under eyes, but being largely susceptible to counter hard sell, I went ahead and purchased everything.  Since then I've evolved a bit on the finish and coverage I want under my eyes.  Luckily, I can be a bit choosy because even though I am prone to bags and dark circles when I'm exhausted, normally, they are not so terrible.  Sometimes I use a light-reflecting pen (Clinique) rather than straight up concealing.  When I do, conceal, I use Ellis Faas' concealer.
Splayed brush!  ARGH!

Yet another quibble with Ellis Faas product container.  I use this almost daily and the brush fibers get caught on the edge of the cap as I press down and then THAT happens.  That aside, I really like this concealer.
Shade S203

Slightly blended with my fingertips
It has a medium-ish level of coverage and for my piddly circles, it performs brilliantly.  In addition to the coverage, I really love the finish of the concealer.  It looks perfectly fine patted lightly with my fingers and lightly set with powder.

But recently, I am so happy to have found a use for the brush that I really despise.  The RMK eye shadow brush M (I think).  So scratchy and bulbous that it would fit my eye sockets if they were the size of a soup bowl.

I use this RMK brush to lightly blend the concealer and it looks magically natural!  How nice is that?  (The little red vertical line going down my arm next to the now invisible swatch is the mark from my pony-tailer holder that I slept with)
Pretty good, right?  Anyone else a fan of the Ellis Faas concealer?

Recently the company contacted me to let me know that the brushes have since been fixed in production, which is nice news!  I would love to know if had a recent purchase and can confirm if you have no issues with the splaying brush.  Thank you!

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