Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Eclipse Eagle

Say hello to my latest Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow acquisition.  This is the brand new Eclipse Eagle that was introduced along with its hatchling nest-mate Snowy Egret.  Snowy Egret didn't catch my eye, but as soon I saw pictures of Eclipse Eagle, I said to myself:  "Winner winner, chicken dinner."

I can't believe this is the first time I'm putting up an RBR eye shadow on Wondegondigo.  I know I showed off my impressive loose pigment collection before, but look!  I have a lot of the singles and refill-format eye shadows.

Back to Eclipse Eagle.  RBR describes it as the richer, darker sister of Delicate Hummingbird and aye, indeed it is.  It is full on iridescence and a deep murky plummy steely hue.  Since words fail me, some pictures to show off our new EE.

The cool plum tones are there, but more predominant are the steel grey murkiness along with the strong iridescence.

There is a very indeterminate quality to the color that along with the angle and the light turns from purple to steel grey.

On the eyes, the color is even murkier but that is not a bad thing.  It makes an incredible smokey eye shade.

Much like my experience with most of the eye shadows I own from Rouge Bunny Rouge, it is richly pigmented and smooth.  It has a slightly creamy feel to the powder that makes blending to be easy.  The glitter you see in the top pan shot does not translate into fall out or grittiness.  I was really pleasantly surprised as how smooth this eye shadow felt.

Some pictures comparing Eclipse Eagle to other sisters in the RBR nest: Solstice Halcyon (one of my favorite taupes), Delicate Hummingbird (as cited by RBR as the sister) and Trumpeter Koel which has a similar iridescent texture in the pan.  Eclipse Eagle and Delicate Hummingbird are related for sure, but Eclipse Eagle has a pleasing murkiness that I really am liking.  Trumpeter Koel in turn is quite steely blue compared to the others.

 One more shot to show off the prettiness of these two beauties.
Have you seen the new Eclipse Eagle yet?  What RBR eye shadow shades have you tried?  Do they compare favorably to other brands in your collection?

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