Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation

I recently received samples of Rouge Bunny Rouge's Time Defying Foundation which rounds out Rouge Bunny Rouge's foundation offering. Their Milk Aquarelle Foundation is actually my very favorite every day foundation.  I will write up a more detailed review of that item at some point, but suffice it to say, I love the natural finish and light coverage.  Time Defying Foundation is a fuller coverage one with anti-aging properties.  There are all sorts of ingredients for detoxification and hydration in it.

Probably the biggest con is the lack of extended shade offerings.  There are only four shades available.  If you were super pale or dark or very cool or warm, I suspect you will have some challenges ahead trying to match to the right color for you.  Also with the steep price, you probably would not likely purchase two bottles to mix to your best match.
The foundation probably has odds stacked up against it (in terms of its chances of me liking it) since I really like a more sheer and lighter coverage.  While I have some redness around my nose and around my mouth, I still think I look better with more of my real skin poking through.  The challenge for me tends to be my crazy combination skin which is so oily in the t-zone (especially around my nose), but can be very flaky, irritated and dehydrated on my chin and cheeks.  Lighter coverage, dewy finish foundations always end up looking like a bit of an oil slick, even my beloved Milk Aquarelle.

So how does a fuller coverage foundation work for me?  Pretty well, actually.  RBR suggests you dot just small amounts and blend with a brush and layer as you need more coverage.  After waiting a few minutes, you can set as you normally would with your powder.  I found the coverage to be excellent with one thin layer toning down most of my surface redness and a second layer really tamping that down.  It also did a terrific job keeping my nose grease in check.  I had set very softly with loose powder and I had minimal oil peeking through mid day.  For me, that's pretty good not looking like a disco ball of grease.
Freshly applied; Not set
After a few minutes
Here is why I'm not likely to run out and buy a bottle right away.  I'm not convinced that any of the four shades are a great match for me.  I found Wheat Cream to be too dark, and while Linen Cream is a good match for depth, probably not the tone as I need it to be.  Also, with the fuller coverage, I think the overage finish is a bit dulling and not like the radiance I prefer with Milk Aquarelle.  I mentioned my flakiness in the wintertime and with it's thick (and slightly dry on the skin) feel, it wants to stick tenaciously to those flakes.

I think I will give it a go again in the warmer, more humid months because I think Time Defying Foundation's finish and oil-control prowess would be more preferable.  What do you think of Rouge Bunny Rouge's foundations?  Have you had a chance to try the new Time Defying Foundation yet?

**These are samples received from PR, free of charge.

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