Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Kakitsubata 1

Taking pictures of Suqqu eye shadow palettes and swatches is an exercise in extreme futility.  I think the pictures you see are going to be passable, but really, it's a bit maddening to take dozens and dozens to pictures to end up with a scant few!  I try to take good pictures for this blog but this is nuts.  I think the most extraordinary thing about Suqqu eye shadows is a delicate balance it conducts: textures, shades and quality.  It's really hard to capture!  Of course, not all are perfect or compelling, but the old discontinued* quads embodies those qualities.  There is that something about Kakitsubata which balances beautifully in all those ways.

Now that I've set up this quad to impossible heights, let's attempt to bring these expectations down a few notches.  This is going to be something you hear from Suqqu critics and some fans, which is that the pigmentation is light that on some skin it will barely show.  I find that to be the case as well.   I showed you Himesango first because those new series of four-pan palettes have a noticeably higher level of pigmentation than these older ones.  I think Kakitsubata is especially light in pigmentation.  So what's the big hoopla about this one?

Kakitsubata is a lovely rendition of the classic blue and brown combination of colors.  The matte base on the lower right is almost invisible on my skin.  As all their bases, it is applied to your lids to even out and provide a smooth matte base for the next layer of shadows.   The dark blue shade is also matte and Suqqu mattes are really special.  They are so lightweight in feel and carries the pigment evenly.  I've not encountered a chalky Suqqu matte shade yet.  The upper left shade and the upper right shades are Suqqu's version of frost, which means they are imbued with delicate shimmer to provide the right texture contrast to the matte shade.  The upper left pale champagne peach is particularly delicate, and on me more of a light catcher than a shade that really shows on my lids.  The coppery brown is a beautiful texture and color counterpoint to the blue.
I took over 50 pictures!  This is all I have left! D:
One of the neater features of Suqqu palettes is that the colors also layer and combine into pleasing shades.  I don't have any passable pictures for you, but you can trust me, er, that layering the shades in different combination adds something new to the eyeball party.  I especially love the blue and coppery brown layered together.

I think when I first used this, I was intensely disappointed in how light and airy everything was.  I mean for that money, can't Suqqu bring it?!  Having used it over the past few months, I'm enjoying it more and appreciating the very sophisticated look this palette produces.  The blue and copper brown can also be intensified in depth using a firmer brush to pick up extra pigment.  Using Suqqu squirrel hair brushes will bring out a much softer look than using a more firmer bristled brush.

I would recommend this particular palette to those seeking that classic Suqqu lightness (color pigmentation and texture both).  If the bolder blues of the newer Konruri fails to delight you, then Kakitsubata may be right up your alley.  For me, I enjoy this palette the longer I use it.

*The quads are still listed on the Suqqu Global website, it is no longer listed in the Japan language online Suqqu shop.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Matsukasa 03

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