Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Ginbudou 06

It's been a long road going through all these Suqqu eye shadow palettes.  Thanks for sticking with me!  I hope you found the series helpful and it actually has been helpful to ME as I got a chance to ruminate a bit on what are the qualities I appreciate the most in these quads.  It is with this new lens I'm bringing you Ginbudou.

Ginbudou holds a special place in my consumer heart.  It is from my very first Suqqu purchase that I made in Tokyo.  Of all the palettes I saw that day, this one tugged at my wallet the hardest!  (So weird and heartwarming, right?)  I asked the lovely SA at the counter to makeup my eyes with them and she used the soft Suqqu brushes.  What I fell in love with at the time was the complex texture and the very simple look she created with the squirrel hair brushes.

I'm not the biggest fan of straight up purple in general, although I do own several purple-leaning taupes.  This purple in Ginbudou is really beautiful.  A dark but ethereally airy matte purple you say?  Oh yes, please!  I can see purple and golds being a very conventional pairing, but Suqqu layers in a complex silvered grey into the mix to add another layer of beautiful detail to this quad.  The gold and grey are the beautiful shimmer finish you've seen in the other older quads.
In direct sunlight
The gold is incredibly fine and light.  It is also very similar to my regular skin tone and does not show up very clearly in swatches nor so on my lids.  I use it as a layering shade over the purple and grey, which brings up the complex layering into something so special.

I do recall being a bit disappointed at first with how light the gold was and also even the white base shade thinking that it barely shows up on me!  Having learned more about the function of the base layer, which is to even out the lids and to provide a clean canvas upon which to apply the other shades, I've learned to appreciate this quad so much more.  As I just mentioned before, the gold is used for me to provide texture and to provide a distinct warmth in certain lights.  There is definitely a learning curve to using these old quads.

I've learned also from the SA at the counter.  I learned to appreciate of a distinctively light application which really shows off the contrast of the silver and grey all grounded in the beautiful purple.

Next up in Suqqu palettes would be whatever I purchase from the Spring / Summer line up.  I've been using the time between the Japan release which was early this month and the UK release which is at the end of the month to contemplate my next buy.  I'm seeing all sorts of interesting pictures (duo chrome?!) too.  Karima from Shameless Fripperies has posted some stunning swatches of Sumiredama.  Gets my heart thumping!

:)  I'm done with the old quad torture!  HURRAY!

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