Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Keshizumi 04

I've been requested to kindly stop posting these Suqqu eye shadow palettes because I'm making people crazy.  Are we talking Beyonce Crazy in Love kind of way, or I make you want to shove a big stick in your eyeballs kind of way?  Either way, fear not, I don't have much more to show you.  So far, I've shown you Himesango, Kakitsubata and Matsukasa.  I only have Keshizumi and Ginbudou left with which to torment you.

I'm not saving the best for last, because I'm going in numerical order you see.  11, 01, 03, 04...uh.  Anyway, let me preface everything by saying that of all the palettes I own from Suqqu, I love this one without reservation.  It has the standard Suqqu configuration of shades, which is one base shade, one deeply pigmented dark matte shade, and two shimmers.
Suqqu Keshizumi 04

In the case of Keshizumi, the base is a very plain white, with no undertones that reflect peach or vanilla or any other hue like some of the other palettes I've shown you.  It is also uncharacteristically pigmented for a Suqqu base shade.

The deep matte shade next to the base shade is a pigmented grey that brown and charcoal grey.  In my opinion, it has a slight warm when swatched against the skin or on the eye.  There seems to be a slight purplishness hiding in this pan.  

The two shimmers are a wonderful counterpoint to each other.  The lighter silver grey is a cool shade run through with delicate silvery shimmers.   The medium shade next to it is probably is stunning taupe and if "minky" was ever the right word to describe a color, this color would be minky.  The base tone is brown grey and the shimmer within is silvery.

All swatch pictures are in natural light.

Direct sunlight, showing off the shimmery texture of the top pans

I love how the overall effect appears so cool with the smoked out taupes, but in some lighting, the brown tones start to peep through providing such a lovely complexity to this palette.  I mentioned the layered affect of the colors before, and I think Kate the Driveller shows that so well.  Please read her post on Keshizumi with her more excellent swatches and the beautifully sophisticated looks she's done with this palette.  She layered the shades in various combinations which shows the amazing versatility of Keshizumi.

I've done a simple comparison of how Keshizumi looks with the three color shades layered together alongside Chanel Fauve eye shadow single and Shu Uemura ME856, both of which are beautiful colors.

I won't say much about Suqqu textures and qualities since I've pretty much abundantly covered that in the other Suqqu posts, but this one particular palette does have a bit more oomph in pigmentation than others, but still retaining the same airy feel and softness.  Just one more thing!!  It is so rich and velvety, but at the same time so light.  How do they do that?  I think it is more easy for a company to produce rich pigmentation and buttery feel, but often you get the heaviness in feel like Le Metier de Beaute, in my opinion.

I really love this palette and get a little thrill every time I use it and I use it often.  I'm sad this beauty is discontinued and thinking about purchasing a back up.  But backups are a terrible idea for me, especially for color products as I'm still unlikely to finish up the first to justify purchasing a second.

Any old Suqqu palettes you love?  And back ups purchased of an eye shadow palette in Suqqu or any other brand?  I love to know what it is and if you ever finished the first one!  

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