Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural

Ahem.  I may have bought another loose powder even though I still own gads of my Cle de Peau Translucent loose powderOops.  Read this product description from Suqqu and tell me this doesn't sound absolutely, ridiculously perfect for a loose powder:

"This super light powder creates a velvety smoothness and an elegant silken sheen, as well as controlling the sebum level and keeping the necessary moisture in the skin. "Natural" gives a soft lustre, whilst "Glow" creates a healthy shine."
See?  It was impossible to resist something that is made to make me gloriously beautiful, carefree and smarter.  That's what is read, right?  I opted for Natural, since with my combo-oily skin, I produce enough "Glow" on my own, thank you.

Product has nice clean, minimal lines, just like all their other things.  Black top with understated Suqqu logo and a clear bottom.  Maybe it's to encourage people to use up when they can see how much more is left, unlike the behemoth of a Cle de Peau container (die!  die!  die!).  (As a total aside, how long before I can post an "empties" type post with that in it?)

Quite like Cle de Peau, the powder is airy and light, but without that pale pink tinge of CdP.  Suqqu seems neutral beige in color and applies transluscent on my light-medium skin.  Just a very small amount of powder over my face is needed to set my foundation.  I use my Suqqu Face Brush, which is appropriate to give the most airbrushed look or my Tom Ford Bronzer brush, when I really want to set whatever foundation I am using.  Both application looks beautiful with a finished skin that appears to have a "beauty filter" applied to it: pores become blurred and less perceptible, a softened glow to the whole face and no powdery bits that cling to any dry spots. 

But controlling the sebum level?  Ix-nay that for me.  Even in winter, though the oiliness subsides a bit, I tend to break all base products and require mopping away the oils.  Suqqu powder does not appear to control the oils better than anything else I've tried.  But since it's cold and dry here, it's performing pretty well.  

The part that makes this product so elegant, is the ultimate finish whence applied and how nicely it plays with all my foundations so far (Shu Uemura Nobara Stick, Tom Ford stick, Cle de Peau cream, Rouge Bunny Rouge everything I'm sampling, etc).A rave?  Well, I wouldn't exactly do that.  I may revisit this review in the summer or late spring when I get oilier and see if it starts exerting it's sebum-control powers in a more assertive way.  For you less oily folks, you may love it indeed.  Of course you may have a lower tolerance for the high price of this item and it's difficulty in purchasing (non UK, Bangkok, Japan residents, that is).  Have you tried this powder and how are you liking it?  What is your favorite loose powder?

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